300 views of the Menorca we love

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Visit the exhibition of the photograph competition “La Menorca que estimam” (The Menorca we love) that has been organized on the occasion of 45 years of GOB in Menorca. It was inaugurated last Friday (25 November) with the prize giving to the winners of the three best photographs chosen by the judges. The exhibition can be seen in the Claustre del Carme until 20 December from Tuesdays to Saturdays between 10.00-13.00 and 18.00 to 21.00 hours.The first prize was awarded to Ricard Coll Cladera for his photograph El mimetismo del autillo (the imitation of an owl), showing the coevolution of species adapting to each other. The second prize went to José Luis Gregorio Pujol, for Pau (Peace) a work that reminds us of the tranquillity that contemplation of nature produces in us. The third prize was for Contemplando el cielo (Contemplating the heavens) a night time photograph masterfully executed by Carlos Silvestre Tejero.

The jury was made up by Antoni Cladera, a renowned photographer of nature committed to the environment; Fina Salord, philosopher and cultural historian; and Magda Seoane, naturalist, poet and member of the GOB board. Thirty of the best photographs chosen by the jury can be seen at the exhibition and the rest of them will be shown by projection.

GOB is very happy with the level of participation and the high quality of the photographs presented that have shown the personal and diverse views that reflect environmental values and the balance between human activities and the conservation of the natural environment.

GOB thanks all the people and entities that have made this competition possible. As well as all the participants and the jury we would especially like to thank Joan Carrés, who has coordinated and curated the competition and the exhibition, with the help of Bep Taltavull, Jaume French, the Photo Club F/Luz of Ferreries, the Photo Club Revel Art of Es Catstell and Damià Rotger. Also with thanks to the Town Council of Mahon for the use of the room in the Claustre del Carme.

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