Wednesday 30 November, talk in Mahon on the Son Bou hotels

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The controversy regarding the hotels on Son Bou, with the context of tourist overcrowding and the deficiencies found in the processing of a project that aims to consolidate and increase the volume of these constructions on the front line, will be analysed at a public meeting on Wednesday evening.

The two large towers of Son Bou exemplify the coastal urbanisation of the seventies and have caused one of the principal maleffects on the landscape of the Menorcan coastline.

Now they are coming to the end of their useful life, the developer has presented a project under the guise of “modernization” that aims to keep the same number of tourist places (more than a thousand), double the area allocated for swimming pools and significantly increase the volume of the constructions.

Realising that an action of this type is inadmissible in the current times, GOB has been consulting the official documents, against many obstacles put up by the Alaior Town Council.

As a result of this work, it has been found that the size of the plot has been breached so emergency proceedings have been instigated against the legal report that incorporated green areas as if they were allowed to be developed.

A talk will be given on Wednesday at 8 pm with projected images at the offices of GOB in Mahon. The event is open to all.