Become part of GOB, 45 years later (video)

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Many people say they have always wanted to be a part of GOB, but they never find the right moment. Now is an ideal time . This is because we are celebrating 45 years of uninterrupted years of ecology, of an association that has not stopped growing and establishing itself socially.

The environmental challenges we have as a society are enormous. But Menorca has shown that much can be achieved though the majority of people thought it impossible. So, it is more necessary than ever to join forces, analyse strategies and have the ability to act.

We invite you to add to the growth of GOB. If you are not already an associate, make the most of the opportunity and click here. If you are already part of the association please forward this note to your friends. This is an important time.

GOB applies transparency in all it does and the communications and organization of activities are posted on a website that is circulated via a large list of emails. If you do not yet receive the notifications, you can click here.

You are also able to receive notices on a whatsapp.

GOB Menorca was born in 1977 and years of mobilizing people, of research, dissemination and the defence of nature began. So let us celebrate 45 years. We work for the sea (Marine Environment); for the land (Territorial Policy); for sustainable gardens (Es Viver); for wild animals (Wildlife Recuperation Centre); with schools; with farmers (Land Stewardship Scheme); and with the public.

Associates, (members) are those that give GOB its independence and support for the activities that we do. Membership fees vary according to age, but all are affordable. Furthermore, membership fees and donations are tax deductible for Spanish tax payers. GOB is recognised as a public utility that the law establishes giving tax benefits for people (up to 80%), companies or entities that sponsor their activities.

The attached video gives a resume of what has been and is the work of the organization. You can watch this in English.

Now is the time to become a GOB associate, to sponsor a wild animal at the Recuperation Centre for Wild Animals, or register to become a volunteer.

We count on you! One more piece of the marvellous mosaic of Menorca.