GOB Menorca celebrates its 40th aniversary

40 years of GOB Menorca

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This year, 2017, is the fortieth year since a group of young naturalists decided to take action concerning the future of Menorca. It seemed that, if nothing were done, the bird stock of the island would deteriorate irreversibly, especially in parts where the largest number of species were living. Urban growth linked to an increase in tourism was penetrating the island. Certainly, the Albufera des Grau was the clearest example. A space so valuable from the point of view of nature, was beginning to see itself affected by an urbanisation, a golf course and a project to make a sports marina.

Those young visionaries created the Menorcan branch of GOB, an association which had been formed some years previously in Mallorca. GOB managed to produce a positive reaction from the greater part of Menorcan society, and with the help of other organisations, saved the destruction of places such as Macarella, Cala en Turqueta, Tirant, the Barranc d’Algendar, Atalis, Llucalari, Trebalúger … now representative of Menorca´s special identity.

GOB`s work is not just on behalf of nature, but is also for people. Without a good quality environment people do not have a good quality of life. When we are protecting birds, countryside, water or the sea, we are protecting people. And we hope that Menorca can be an example of alternative types of development more adapted to sustainability so necessary for both the planet and humankind.

Events concerning the 40th anniversary

Special Anniversary T-shirt

Xavier Salvador has designed a T-shirt for the 40th anniversary. You are able to buy this in the Mercat del Claustre in Mahon and at the GOB offices in the Molí del Rei.

40th Anniversary Party. Saturday 3 June

A party to celebrate 40 years of GOB in Menorca is being organised for Saturday 3 June.

Some well-known artists have confirmed their appearance, such as Manolo García – ex El Último de la fila – and Gerard Quintana – singer from Sopa de Cabra. The programme will be finalised soon when other local groups confirm.

The event will be celebrated in Parc des Freginal in Mahon. It will be a good opportunity for reflection and to ask how Menorca would be if so many people had not been united in protecting its iconic places, nor strengthened its commitment to sustainability.

From the time this group of naturalists decided to organise themselves for making a different future for the island until now, 2017, many things have happened, and will be remembered by screen images at the party.

Events at the Molí del Rei, July and August

For the summer, four cultural activities are being prepared. Taking advantage of the sun set which can be seen from the roof top of the Molí del Rei, there will be classical music, poetry readings, a glossat and a little Menorcan music on Wednesdays, 5 and 19 July and 2 and 16 August

As soon as we have the details, we will let you know. For the time being, reserve those dates in your diaries!

Public excursion, October

We are preparing an outing for one Sunday morning to one of Menorca´s iconic places. Apart from the walk enjoying the countryside, there will be an opportunity to remember the different campaigns for protecting the island throughout these past years.