Promoting resilience of agriculture to climate change

A guide for adapting farming to climate change

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GOB’s Land Stewardship scheme continues to seek new ways for making a model of sustainable farming methods both economically and environmentally. Last June a practical Guide was produced of measures that can be taken by farmers to adapt to the change in climate.

During the last year, GOB was carrying out work on the Land Stewardship Scheme to advise farmers on managing climate change. The result of this work on the resistance of farming to climate change was selected for a state level convocation of Fundación Biodiversidad (The Biodiversity Foundation). The experiences gained and the lessons learnt have been put together into a guide which aims to serve as a reference base for other farms and land caring entities that want to work on this subject. It is markedly informative, very detailed and plainly written and accessible by everyone. It is written in Catalan and you can browse it by clicking here.

The guide is structured in two large blocks: a manual and an inventory. The manual explains step by step how to carry out the activities during the project such as how to increase water reserves and how to adapt and make the most of certain habitats. It includes recommendations to maximize the positive impact of these actions and it gives concrete data on costs. It also explains what measures can be taken to promote the presence of wild animals and their protection; such as creating permanent water points and installing ramps for little animals in water troughs.

As for the inventory, it is a summary of dry farming and autochthonous breeds highly adapted to the climate of Menorca and Alt Empordà (Catalonia). These are accompanied by a record card for each crop and each breed explaining how they are managed.

The project Custodiant el canvi. Resiliencia climàtica en la custòdia agrària (Accompanying change. Climate resilience in land stewardship) was carried out between July 2017 and June 2018 with the support of the Ministerio de transición ecológica (Ministry of Transition to Ecology), through the Fundación Biodiversidad, the Consell Insular of Menorca and the Menorca Preservation Fund. The actions taken meant that  farmers in the network of the Agricultural Farms of Menorca -which had been instigated by the GOB Land Stewardship Scheme- could improve resilience to problems of climate change.

We hope that you can make the most of these hot days, which remind us that climate change is here, by enjoying this guide. Hopefully you’ll be able to take many ideas from it and apply them in your garden or farm.