Mahon Farmers Market

Sunday 19 August – a tasting of melon at the Mahon farmers market

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Watermelon and melon are typical summer fruits. Sweet, juicy and refreshing they are perfect on a hot day. This Sunday, 19 August, between 11.30 and 12.30 there is an opportunity to taste those grown on the farms signed up to the Land Stewardship Scheme at the Farmers Market in the Plaça Reial, Mahon.

The Farmers Market has products from farms that have an endorsement of good practice, because they have ecological certification or have an agreement with the Land Stewardship Scheme, or because as farmers, they have contracted to fulfil certain agrarian obligations with the Reserve of the Biosphere. This summer they have organised different activities to invigorate the market and bring greater awareness to the public of produce grown with a commitment to good practice.

Es Capell de Ferro and Santo Domingo are two of the farms that have signed up to the Land Stewardship scheme and have ecological certification and whose stalls are at the market place each Sunday. Sausages, greens and fruit are not only food for people but their growth also nourish the natural values of the island. You can taste sandia and melons from these farms.

This activity is part of the program of the Land Stewardship Scheme developed by GOB and has the help of the Island Governing Council and the Mahon Town Hall.