The Town Council of Sant Lluís has signed an agreement with GOB to reduce the presence of disposable plastics

Agreements signed to avoid one-use plastics

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The Town Council of Sant Lluís has signed an agreement with GOB to reduce the presence of disposable plastics in its day-to-day official business, in celebrations and in the local, annual, patron saint day fiestas.

This initiative comes from the worry shared by the two organisations caused by the large amount of plastics discovered in the sea by so many different people. European reports show that there are certain types of single use plastic objects found repeatedly when beaches are cleaned. These objects are very light and it is particularly easy, on an island like Menorca, for gusts of wind or heavy rain, to cause them to end up in the sea.

With the signing of this agreement, Sant Lluís Town Council has promised to substitute the maximum number of plastic objects used by all the municipal services with more sustainable options. Measures will be taken to implement this approval during the next few months.

A ban on plastic drinking cups in street bars, a system of compensation for the return of light packaging and the popular return-of-deposit on glasses are some of the measures taken this year at the annual town fiestas that are all helping in the reduction of plastic use.

In line with this, other more ambitious activities are being promoted by the Town Council such as the campaign for using the public tap water in Sant Lluis that has been analysed as fit for human consumption, or helping small businesses by substituting the maximum number of single use plastics with more environmentally friendly options.

The campaign, as part of the 2020 Promise started a year ago, is working towards the maximum number of people to join the challenge for no one in Menorca to be using short-term plastics causing long term environmental problems by 2020. Many associations have now signed up to this initiative. Please see list in

GOB offers advice to help in the fight against using disposable plastics. This activity has been made possible with the help of the Menorca Preservation Fund and the Marilles Foundation.

We encourage public institutions and companies to sign the agreement to facilitate the transition to making Menorca free of disposable plastics.