X-ray photograph from the wounded falcon

Another falcon with shotgun wounds taken into the Wild Life Hospital

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GOB has made a formal complaint to SEPRONA (Guardia Civil Police) and the Environmental Agencies of a new case of a falcon wounded by a shotgun and which has recently been taken into the Wild Life Recuperation Centre. It is the fourth one in the last few years brought in for this reason. This year it is the second case of a protected species coming as a result of impacted pellets.

The wounded falcon was found in the road of Atzagotars, in Mahon. There were various pellets lodged in the body, one of which caused a fractured wing. After veterinary intervention it is recovering in one of the GOB facilities but there are still doubts that it will be able to fly properly.

It is very worrying that events such as this one happen repeatedly, and worse when one realises that the ones detected are certainly only some of the numbers. It is particularly incredible that it should take place on this island with its special sensibility for the environment. It will be only a minority of hunters who commit these atrocities but they cause so much damage. We encourage you to let us know if you have any information on this case, or any other. For our part, we have formally complained to the relevant authorities and asked them to investigate and apply sanctions according to the law.