Climate change. Photo by Grant neufeld on Flickr

Climate Change. Action at global and local levels

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Press for changes not only at a global level but also for commitments at a local level. This is the only way to deal successfully with the enormous challenge presented by climate change.

GOB has joined with other ecological groups (from Galicia, Asturias, Cataluña, Valencia, Andalucia, Extremedura…) to try to persuade regional governments to make effective commitments to help prevent climate change.

To this end, a draft declaration or non-legislative proposal, is being distributed to them so that the problem can be debated in the regional chambers.

Because of the world summit on climate change taking place in Paris in December, many parts of the world are mobilising pressure groups demanding that courageous decisions be taken concerning the increasing problem and that only this generation can hope to halt. To contribute to these steps, the following framework for adaptation has been sent which considers, in essence:

  • To commit to the rule of 40-30-30. This means a 40% reduction of emissions, 30% deployment of renewable energy and 30% improvement of energy efficiency for the year 2020 as compared with the base year of 1990.

In this connection, many roads and streets could function with nearly half the amount of lighting during certain night-time hours. Also, we must eliminate the current and inexplicable demands of central administration and make use of roofs and flat roofs for making solar energy. Municipal planners and professional associations should encourage energy savings in buildings.

  • Move towards a future without nuclear or fossile energy but with completely renewable energy. Therefore, now as many institutions and organizations are becoming global, it is necessary to stop the subsidies on fossil fuels and nuclear energy.

  • Put taxes on the emissions of CO2, NO2 and other gases and promote public transport. Whoever pollutes, pays, and the money collected can be used to improve the world and rationalise the ways in which societies function.

  • Conserve the countryside and sea in order to maintain the established CO2 levels (from forests, cultivated fields, posidonia meadows…)

This action is added to those which are already happening in Menorca (conferences, workshops, films…) which will culminate with the demonstration scheduled for 29th November from Ciutadella at the solar park of Son Salomό.