The new Law on Rubbish is explained in Mahon

Explanation of the new Law on Rubbish Disposal on Tuesday 12 March

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What is the last date from which it will be prohibited to use disposable plastics?  What percentage of beverage containers can be reused? What is the agenda for reducing the amount of waste going to the rubbish dump? What will be the role of the government and what role should the public take on?

These and other questions will be discussed at the conference on the new Balearic Law on Rubbish Disposal. It will take place next Tuesday 12 March at 20.00 h in the Museu de Menorca (Pla des Monestir) and be presented by Sebastià Sansó, the Balearic Government Director General of Rubbish Disposal.

A new law, approved recently, qualifies as a State Level pioneering initiative, to deal ambitiously with the grave problem of rubbish disposal.

We would like to count on your presence at this information event which we have organised from GOB with the intention that Menorca can start to think about challenges such as rubbish disposal on which we still have to make so much progress.

Please invite your friends.