Family activity at the Recuperation Centre for Wild Animals: the colours of animals

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This Thursday, 19 August, we are continuing with the activities for all the family at the Recuperation Centre for Wild Animals. Look at the colours of the animals: many of them are very striking, others are more discreet. What role does the appearance of an animal play in its life and its survival? We will discover through games. Remember that it is obligatory to wear a mask when attending this activity.

The language of colours is very important in the lives of animals. There are colours that indicate that the animal is dangerous. Other spectacular designs help the females to select the best male. However, many other animals have colours that camouflage them so that they can get past their predators unseen. It is also fascinating how many birds have different clothing for the summer and winter. A whole world of discovery on Thursday at the Recuperation Centre for animals.

The animal hospital is an optional part of the visit to the Lithica Quarry ( The entrance charge includes the visit to the whole quarry as well as a guided visit to the Recuperation Centre. Entrance prices are free to under 12 year olds, 3 euros for people over 65 and everyone else 6 euros. Access to the Lithica Quarry and the Recuperation Centre is on the Camí Vell de Ciutadella, km1.

Your visit will help us to be able to improve our work and we look forward to seeing you.