Foodnected: The Land Stewardship Scheme crosses frontiers

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The Land Stewardship Scheme that was started in Menorca has been selected to form part of a Mediterranean initiative that seeks to promote a transition to sustainable and fair trade food systems. The network of farms that are signed up to the Land Stewardship Scheme will act as the pilot project to implement obtaining results, at the same time the Menorca experience will serve as an example and inspiration for their realization.

On Wednesday 10 March at 14.00 hours, a presentation of the idea as part of the international festival Terra Madre Salone del Gusto (Mother Earth Salon of Taste) will be made. This event can be followed, in English, on

The object of the project, entitled “Foodnected” (from food and connected) is to connect people and nature around local, fair and sustainable food systems. The vision is to unite producers and consumers through a community of practices based on a code of shared environmental and social values.

The key point is to shorten the distance between producers and consumers as a way of addressing the deficiencies of the prevailing market system that leaves the small producers in a disadvantaged situation.

The project, that will influence the agricultural world of Menorca as well as improvements in artisanal fishing in Ibiza and Sicily, is driven by four organisations: Slow Food (with great experience in responsible consumption), LIFE (Low Impact Fishers of Europe), GFN (Global Footprint Network) and GOB with the help of the Mava Foundation.

Thanks to the initiative, the Land Stewardship Scheme will increase its training activities for producers, dealing with themes such as biological pest control, soil fertility, cattle management and product diversification. It will encourage external communication for Land Stewardship Scheme promotional activities of both products and producers.

It is hoped that this project can increase the impact of the Land Stewardship Scheme, an initiative that has been selected because it responds to the criteria required for food promotion throughout Europe.

Reconnect with food, a great way of helping our environment, our community and our planet.