Participation in making objections to the PTI

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The PTI (Pla Territorial Insular) is a strategy for defining the territorial model of Menorca. It is now open to public scrutiny and is the best time for giving opinions to improve the documentation that was approved initially. GOB has studied all the documentation and makes available to interested people, an objection form that can be signed by individuals or by legally existing organisations.

The text of these objections includes the most marked aspects that are understood to present anticipated dangers or any deficiencies that it recommends should be resolved.

The contents

Objections to the PTI include requests for improving water management; energy; the impact on rural land to be used for car parks and other equipment; the regulations for restaurants and offers of tourist accommodation; the growth in tourist places; the control of new urban interventions in the country; and the need to opt for recuperating water provision to the Albufera des Grau.

It deals with questions that GOB has identified as of greatest public interest. Each section includes links with the items of the regulations that were approved initially, with the aim of facilitating the work of the teams who will have to study each of the objections. Obviously, each person or company will incorporate or modify what they consider is appropriate for their own criteria.

GOB as an entity is working on a much larger and more detailed document that will constitute the objections made by the organisation.

The manner of processing objections

The deadline for presenting the objections formally is the 22 March, but it is recommended that the forms should be signed sometime sooner in order to avoid any last minute problems. It has to be taken into consideration that the ministry currently works electronically, and that to see them in person an appointment has to be made.

For this reason, the objection form allows the possibility for delegating to other people or entities the administrative means for presenting it to the Public Ministry.

To make this possible, we are looking for people or voluntary entities in each town that can collect the objection forms and take them to their corresponding Town Council offices or to the Consell Insular. Therefore, it is recommended to print, fill and sign the form but leave the delegation space blank, for the person or entity that has the task of taking them to the public offices to complete.

There are obligatory fields requested by the current electronic system for all the personal data requested at the beginning of the form. Please complete them all.

It is possible to take the signed objection forms (with the delegation left blank) to the GOB offices in Mahon (Camí des Castell, 53) or Ciutadella (Cami de Maó, 38). At both locations, there is a post box for leaving the signed and completed form at any time.

Here you can download the form (currently available in Catalan).