Conference on climate change by Damià Gomis

Friday 10 May. Conference on Climate Change with Damià Gomis

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Damià Gomis is the director of the Interdisciplinary Laboratory on Climate Change at the University of the Balearics, that recently publicised a report on the economic, social and environmental effects of climate change in Menorca. GOB and the Ateneu de Maó have invited him to talk on these questions this Friday, 10 May at 8 pm in the Ateneu.

The Interdisciplinary Laboratory on Climate Change of the University of the Balearics (LINCC UIB), of which Damià is director, is formed by members of the departments of Public Law, Applied Economics, Social Philosophy and Work, Applied Teaching and Psychology of Education, Physics, Geography, Biology, Mathematics and Computing, Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering as well as the Mediterranean Institute of Advanced Studies (IMEDEA). All of these people have had long professional careers and researched into climate change matters. The causes and consequences of climate change have effects across all these disciplines and so are socially and economically powerful. Therefore, the challenges and applicable solutions depend on interdisciplinary cooperation.

GOB and the Ateneu de Maó are conscious of the importance of climate change in Menorca and the urgency of taking measures to combat it. We invite you to the conference which, with the title of “Climate change: causes, consequences and challenges for the future” Damià Gomis will chair on Friday at the Ateneu de Maó.