Volunteer´s work day to get rid of invasive plants

Help us to get rid of invasive plants at Cap d’Artrutx

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This Sunday, 12 May, we have organised a volunteer´s work day to get rid of invasive plants at Cap d’Artrutx (south of Ciutadella). We are inviting you to come and help us. In this area there is a number of species that have escaped from gardens and are threatening the autochthonous plants on the front line of the sea, some of which are endemic.

To take part please would you send an email to administracio@gobmenorca.com or telephone 971 350 762. It is important to let us know that you would like to help so that we can bring the right quantity of materials for the participants and food produced by the network of agricultural farms of Menorca. If you have them, please bring your own gardening gloves. The day is expected to finish about 13.00 hours.

Certain plants used in gardening are invasive species. They spread into the natural environment where they are in competition with the autochthonous plants putting their existence into danger. In the area at the Cap d’Artrutx, exotics, particularly adapted to live near the sea, are used in gardens and have created a focus of invasive plants which is altering the community of Menorcan species that grow along the front line of the sea. On Sunday, we hope to be able to eliminate these plants and so allow the recuperation of the natural vegetation.

This activity is taking place with the help of the Department of the Environment of the Consell Insular of Menorca and the Agency of the Reserve of the Biosphere of Menorca. It also has the support of the Ministry of Ecological Change, through the Biodiversity Foundation.