SOS Menorca, a campaign for a rational main road

Friday 9 February, action in front of the Consell Insular concerning the main road

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GOB is calling for a meeting in front of the Consell Insular to discuss various aspects about the main road. The meeting will be on Friday 9 February at 11 am in the Plaça Biosfera in Mahon. Those people who are able to go will help to draw attention to some important questions on the matter. If you still have the SOS Menorca t-shirt, this will be a good opportunity to wear it.

During this event, it will be announced that the payment to the Consell Insular of 9,075 euros of legal costs was collected as a result of the help of hundreds of donations. It took only three days to reach this sum and the help received is greatly appreciated.

But this meeting will be, also, to explain the situation found regarding the section of the road between Mahon to Alaior, which was the reason for the main protests during the time of the last administration. Also, fresh information will be given on points that have materialised since the consultation of certain documents.

Pass this on. It is at a time when many people are working but it is worth the trouble to be there if you can because so much effort has been put into this cause and a guarantee of a correct solution needs to be made.

Many thanks.