Fruit trees at Christmas time

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Good presents at this time of the festive season are local variety fruit trees. Es Viver , GOB’s nursery garden, presents ecologically grown trees from the Caritas Arbres d’Algendar. It is a gift that contributes to recuperating the diverse heritage of fruit stock from another time.

Local varieties are adapted to ecological management, using methods that respect the environment, without products that contaminate. In this way, we can obtain a fruit of high quality that is very healthy for us as well as being suitable for our land. Es Viver has apple and pear trees, plumb, fig, cherry, pomegranate and other sorts of local variety trees. In addition, there are Menorcan plants and herbs for a Mediterranean garden that require little water and low maintenance.

GOB’s Es Viver Menorcan plants is open every working day, from Monday to Saturday 10.00 until 13.30. It is on the airport road at the entrance to the old Mestral warehouse.