Sponsorship of an animal at the Wildlife Centre of Recuperation as a gift

Sponsorship of an animal as a gift

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At Christmas time, it is possible to make gifts that are of social and environmental benefit. GOB’s Centre of Recuperation for Wild Animals proposes making a gift to someone, or to yourself, of sponsorship for one of the animals resident at the centre. It is a way of helping conservation work and environmental education by maintaining the fauna of Menorca that are in this hospital for wild animals. You can become a sponsor by clicking here.

The animals that hope to be sponsored are resident in the Recuperation Centre and cannot be let free into the wild because they have some incurable injury. These animals are kept in very good conditions. They are an important aid in the environmental education that takes place at the animal hospital.

Anyone who wishes to become a sponsor may choose whichever animal he or she likes, and will be informed periodically on its state. The sponsorships cost a minimum of 20 euros per annum. We ask you to see the animals and look at the choices.

The Recuperation Centre also has an option to give sponsorship to a more global project, with a minimum of 50 euros per annum, that you can see on the same web. All these contributions will help us to maintain and improve our work for the wildlife on Menorca. Remember also that you can claim up to 75% of the donation on your tax declaration in Spain.

Thank you for helping us.