A book on regenerative agriculture

Today, regenerative agriculture debate

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Understand the evolution of a conventional farmer turning to regenerative agriculture. Follow the reflections of an agricultural technician whose successful experiences result from understanding the principles of nutrient cycling for maintaining soil fertility – these are some of the keys to a book to be presented this Wednesday 2 December in the Ateneu de Maó. This is an event organised by GOB

Arrelata a la terra (Rooted in the Soil) is a book by Francesc Font, and was written between the Empordà region and Australia by a technician who has finished important work in Menorca. The text is designed to help understand the practice and use of regenerative agriculture, which includes as much about the environmental conservation as economic viability, and is also aware of the inertia and other difficulties there are to be found in progressing.

To produce food of quality and, at the same time, contribute to mitigating climate change and the processes of land deterioration; to be able to feed people in the most healthy and nutritious way using a system which also gives farmers self-respect caring for the land, are the objectives of this book. To show, in brief, ways for revitalising the current situation for a better planet.

The presentation will be at 8.00 pm and will be accompanied by a debate afterwards on the current situation of the countryside. It will include Maria Tudurí, a farmer who has reclaimed abandoned land and made it into a viable business with ecological farming and indigenous breeds, Sergio Riudavets who has a family kitchen garden and sells direct to the public and supplies school kitchens, and Miquel Camps, in charge of the GOB Land Stewardship Scheme in Menorca.

The event coincides with the opening of the new room at the Ateneu de Maó.