Home deliveries of farm products of the Land Stewardship Scheme

Home deliveries of farm products of the Land Stewardship Scheme

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Because of the current situation with people confined to their houses and with limited permission to go out, house deliveries are a good resource. For this reason, the farms that are part of GOB’s Land Stewardship Scheme, have organized a delivery service. This allows us to eat fresh and healthy food that is eco-friendly and produced in Menorca.

The producers adhere to the programme of the Land Stewardship Scheme, an agricultural agreement that promises to use sustainable methods in managing farms. These methods cover the types of crops that are produced, the animals that are bred and the work that is done in the management of the farm buildings and its land.

There is a clear commitment to growing a variety of vegetables adapted to the climate of the island and requiring a minimum amount of watering, as well as for breeding autochthonous animals that thrive in the climatic conditions of the island. In addition, the growth of crops with the minimum of intervention is encouraged by avoiding pesticides and herbicides; the use of organic fertilisers is important; and reducing erosion by always maintaining a green covering across the ground. Regarding the natural elements on the farms, the farmers have promised to maintain wild vegetation in strategic places with biological strips of land for woods, for unique trees and for seasonal humid areas that are so important for wild animals.

Consuming their products is giving hope for the preservation of the Menorcan landscape and its biodiversity and, at the same time as you are nourishing your body with healthy food, you are supporting both the local economy and the farm workers.

You can see the list of farmers and their products, the areas of deliveries and their telephone contact details by clicking here. We are living in times when collective initiatives are essential. Take the opportunity to help put new energy into the economy.