Anna ferrer and Clara Peya

Introduce a new member and bring them to the Aglaia concert free

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This summer there are some important musical dates in Menorca. One of them is the concert to be given on 16 August by Anna Ferrer and Clara Peya in Mercat des Claustre (Mahon). If you become a GOB member recommended by an existing member both of you will be able to have free entry to the concert. The number of places is limited.

The Aglaia Festival is dedicated to female talent and is to be a tribute to the island of Menorca and all the efforts made for its conservation. For these reasons, the first row has been reserved for people who are already GOB members and who could introduce a new member. This is a good moment to encourage new membership and so help enlarge one of the associations that works hard for Menorca to follow a sustainable course.

You can ask for information at

To change environmental dynamics is not easy work. We need the maximum of help and support. Having a strong social base guarantees financial and operating independence allowing us to influence the making of important decisions. Menorca has known how to conserve much of its charms but a lot of work still needs to be done.

In any case, do not forget the concert of 16 August. Anna Ferrer is a Menorcan singer who has been following an important career abroad. Clara Peya is a young pianist who has received the National Culture Prize of 2019. This will be a special event where you can close your eyes below a starlit sky in the incomparable scenery of the Cloisters and let yourself be carried away by this experience of sounds and talent.