The environmental summer camp 2019

Forty Responsible Backpackers

Visits: 186

A week of submersion in nature, in typically Menorcan countryside, forty backpackers arriving from all the villages of the island, boys and girls between 6 and 12 years old, eager for knowledge and with excitement for an adventure. These were the ingredients for those who were on summer camp this year in Mongofra Nou. It was a week full of activities, learning, friendships and adventures in living.

The environmental summer camps organised by GOB have been, for another year, a very interesting character forming educational experience, and constructive on ecological conservation. The different workshops and activities have covered a good part of the ecological values held by those who believe we ought to protect Menorca: these include protection of the marine environment, awareness of land preservation, the question of waste, responsibility in food consumption, the problem of energy, a knowledge of flowers, wild life, geography… all these in order to create an awareness in their roles as agents, both now and in the future, for the island environment.

This experience has been possible thanks to the six monitors who have managed so much of the day to day practical care of the children – eating, sleeping, cleaning, personal accompaniment – no small work! – while being stimulating on all the environmental themes with debates, groups, dances and stories.

Thank you also to the support team in the GOB office who were the link with families and to all others who made the summer camp possible. During the whole week, also, we were accompanied by different professionals and specialists who wanted to share their knowledge with us, from a nocturnal excursion to listen to birds, to making an emotive educational workshop on the environment at sunset beneath the pines, or early in the morning to ring bids with the Ornithological Society of Menorca.

In addition, we would like to thank the support of the Department of General Management of Waste and Environmental Education of the Balearic Government; the Agency of the Reserve of the Biosphere of the Consell Insular of Menorca; the Mahon Town Council and the Marilles Foundation dedicated to the improvement of the Balearic Islands marine environment.

The week was spent between reeds, Menorcan cows, pebbles, pines and examples of areas of conservation of our natural heritage: we make a positive balance with this project for the Service of Environmental Education. Forty children have been immersed in a very significant educational experience, focussed on respect for nature, not only in the wild but also in responsible daily actions in the house. These days there are more exercises needed of this type, education in this sense is, furthermore, essential for realising the Reserve of the Biosphere.