SOS Menorca at the Consell Insular

Monday 17 September SOS to assemble at a plenary session of the Consell Insular

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This Monday 17 September at a plenary session of the Consell Insular (the island government) the question of knocking down the bridge started at Rafal Rubi and making a link at ground level will be discussed.

GOB and the SOS Menorca association have decided to gather together those people who demonstrated about the main road across Menorca so as to have a public presence at the moment the process is started for reconsidering what to do with one of the structures that caused the most controversy under the last government. The assembly will be at 17.45.

Rafal Rubi was one of those cases where an enormous structure was projected to serve a minor cross roads. It was the proximity of the works to two of the prehistoric navetas that motivated the different associations to ask that the works started should be reconsidered, in order to comply with the request made by UNESCO that the monuments should not have an altered environment.

After the report of the Servei de Patrimoni (Heritage Ministry) and of a landscape appraisal made by specialists, the conclusion was drawn that the response which would be in the greatest interest of the people of Menorca was to reconsider the structure and not to finish it as was projected (as it is not necessary to raise the whole road, nor construct entry and exit roads descending to ground level, nor construct any other slopes that are contentious.)

Although the Plenary Session starts at 17.00 hours, it is estimated that the Rafal Rubi matter will be dealt with at 17.45 hours. It is asked that everyone who goes wears an SOS T-shirt, or, if not, a white t-shirt. The assembly will take place in silence.

If you have not yet signed the declaration asking that the section of the Mahon road at Alaior be reconsidered, you can do so by clicking here.

Please pass on this notice. You can print out the attachment for putting in public places. With thanks.