Retrieving plastic objects from nature

Sunday 16 September, picking up plastics in Mongofra

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GOB is adding to the world call for retrieving plastics from nature and is organizing a clean up day on Sunday 16 September at s’Estany, one of the most beautiful areas of Mongofra.

The presence of plastics in the natural environment has become a problem about which everyone talks. In fact, people in Menorca as in the world are becoming more and more aware and increasing numbers decide to become actively involved in its retrieval.

On this occasion, there are two points organised for meeting to share cars. At 8.30 am in the car park of Sínia des Cuc in Mahon, and at 9.00 am at the car park of the Tramuntana school. There will be snacks of products for the participants from the network of agricultural farms of Menorca, signed up to the Land Stewardship Scheme.

GOB will also take the necessary materials for cleaning, but if you have your own gloves then bring them. It is expected that the activity will end at 13.30 hours. It is open to everyone and we encourage you to invite friends and family. It is suitable for adults and children.

If you would like to participate, please sign in by telephoning GOB (971 350 762) or send an email to specifying the number of people you will be. This is necessary for organizing the snacks and cleaning materials.

This activitiy has the support of the Ministry of Ecological Change, through the Biodiversity Foundation.

You can also help to advertise this event by printing the attached notice and putting it in public places.