Damià Gomis, Pere Prats award 2018

On Saturday, Damià Gomis will receive the Pere Prats Prize

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This Saturday, 17 November, Damià Gomis Bosch will receive the Pere Prats Prize awarded to him for his work on the environment. The event will be open to the public at the headquarters of GOB at 19.00 hours.

Damià Gomis will receive the prize from the prize jury and representatives of GOB. It is a distinction which he merits for his notable scientific work in the area of marine ecosystems and the climate, and on the effects of climate change. He has been able to combine his scientific knowledge with its dissemination and with a social commitment as an activist, becoming directly involved with the protection of ecosystems and natural resources. In recent times he has contributed particularly in publicising the problem of climate change, with factually accurate information, and inspiring people to apply known solutions, without delay, to deal with this huge challenge.

The prize will be awarded at a public event on Saturday 17 November at 19.00 hrs in the auditorium of the Molí del Rei in Mahon (Camí des Castell, 53). There will be a tasting of products from the network of Agronatural Farms of Menorca.

We invite you all to attend and be able to congratulate Damià Gomis on his well-deserved award.