Excursion to Montefí and es Tudons

Sunday 2 December Excursion to Montefí and Es Tudons

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On Sunday 2 December there will be a new talayotic excursion organized by the Island Council Government Department of Culture with GOB to combine exploring the island and its ancient sites accompanied by information on the talayotic world given by experts.

On this occasion the visit will be to two archaeological sites. Montefí has three talayots and and a group of hypostyles in an area acquired by the local Island Government. The naveta of Es Tudons is a megalithic funerary tomb where the remains of a hundred people were found. The naveta is typical of these tombs which are found only in Menorca and this one is in a very good state of preservation.

The excursion will go along rural paths and through farmland. It is not necessary to make a reservation. Meet at the Ciutadella swimming pool at 9.30 and we will leave at 10.00 hours. The walk is of minimum difficulty. Explanations of the sites will be given by an archaeologist. There will be a bus to return to the swimming pool (3 euros) and it is expected to be back by 1.30.