Come and sing Bella Ciao for the climate

On Sunday morning, come and sing Bella Ciao for the climate

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The well-known song, Bella Ciao, is being adapted in various languages, into an international hymn for the climate. This coming Sunday, the popular song will be celebrated and filmed in Menorca. Do not miss it.

There is a worldwide call for action asking for significant activity to stop climate change. In Menorca, a Platform for the Climate has been created which brings together organizations and individuals who are coordinating different events.

One of these will take place in Ciutadella this coming Sunday, 15 September, at 11 am in the Cathedral Square. A translation of the song for the climate has been made into Catalan and will be sung in an organised way for a film that will then be publicised throughout social media.

Come and bring your family and friends. Do not fail the climate.

Please pass on this message by email, whatsapp and any other means you have. With many thanks.

Here you can watch a video of a similar event.