Owls at the Center for the recovery of Wils Animals

Release of owls into the wild this evening

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This evening a dozen owl chicks will be released that have been looked after by volunteers of the Recuperation Centre of Wild Animals. Each year we wait with great excitement for this date. It is a day of satisfaction for all the people who worry about and who work for the wild life that has suffered from accidents in Menorca.

This evening at 19.30 hours is the arrival time at Monte Toro, now recognised as the traditional release point of louse ridden orphaned owls. It is a day of special pleasure for the volunteers who help with these animals that had fallen from their nests, and were found unprotected in an urban area with the accompanying dangers involved. Volunteers help the Recuperation Centre by looking after these little chicks in order to make them totally independent until they are released, like this evening and are liberated into the wild once more.

The Recuperation Centre works with thanks to the Veterinary Clinic of Jaume Pons and the COFIB (Consortium for the Recovery of Fauna in the Balearic Islands). It is partially financed by the district councils of Mercadal, Mahon, Ciutadella and the Local Island Government. It still needs much more aid to be able to continue with its work. You can help by participating in the sponsorship campaign, or by making a donation.

The Recuperation Centre of Wild animals is open all summer evening, from Monday to Saturday, from 18.00 hours. We are in the Pereres de s’Hostal de Lithica (The Lithica Quarry). You can also take part in the family activities we have organised every Thursday. We look forward to seeing you.