S’Alblagai becomes a member of the Land Stewardship Scheme

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The Land Stewardship Scheme celebrates the incorporation of a new member. By signing the agreement for sustainable farming practices, the s’Alblagai farm has joined the network of farms committed to an agricultural model that is economically viable and respectful to nature.

Basili Enrich is a young farmer with a very stimulating project. His intention is to finish regenerating the family land that has been abandoned for more than 50 years, by making its activities viable, respecting the past and listening to almost forgotten memories, while looking to the future. It is committed to cattle and ecological agriculture and prioritising the welfare of animals.

The history of this place is very interesting. It is thought to be one of the oldest in Menorca. Its name seems to be related to its farming function as “abrigay” on the old Mahon to Ciutadella road. There are references to this site from 1455 with the name “Balegay” or “Abrigai” and already by the end of the XVI century as “Albalagay”.

The family history is long. S’Alblagai has belonged to Basili’s family since, at least, the XVI century. Farming was abandoned in the 50s and its regeneration initiated by Basili and his father began in 2000. It received ecological certification in 2009.

It now produces fruit and vegetables, beef and eggs. It also makes flour from the wheat that it cultivates, and sells ecological flower seedlings and aromatic plants. It is possible to buy its products direct from the farm, situated on the outskirts of Alaior and from some ecological food shops in Alaior and Mahon. The meat can be sold in bulk and ordered in advance.

The farm has a rich ethnological and architectural heritage, which is gradually being restored, and is located on the edge of the Rellotge Barranca, a place of special natural interest. It has protected areas declared as wild life reserves, LIC, ZEPA and ANEI.

When signing the Land Stewardship Agreement with GOB the farmer undertakes to manage the farm in a sustainable manner with respect to nature and biodiversity. For its part, GOB gives support with access to training and advice; promoting its visibility and products; volunteering activities and promoting new lines of working on the farm, such as managed grazing, making use of rainwater and adapting infrastructures to support biodiversity.

The Land Stewardship Scheme seeks to promote a change in the production model of the island, making agricultural activities compatible with the preservation of the farm’s environmental values.

More than half the land area of Menorca is managed by farmers. They are, therefore, the main actors in the conservation of the landscape and its biodiversity. The rest of us, as consumers, can contribute to the viability and sustainability of local farms by our purchasing decisions.

If you would like to have an overview of the Land Stewardship Scheme, then watch this video with its one minute explanation