Binitord vineyards

Saturday 3 October, visit to the Binitord Winery

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On the occasion of Week II of the Balearic Islands Land Care scheme, GOB has organized a guided visit to the Binitord Winery at Ciutadella. It will be on Saturday 3 October. The vineyards and the winery will be visited. There will be an explanation of the type of management carried out and there will be a wine tasting.

The number of places is limited and must be booked in advance. The cost is 10 euros per person. You can make a reservation by clicking here. When you make the reservation, you will see the place and time for meeting.

Binitord is a part of the programme of Land Stewardship Scheme and has received various distinctions for the quality of its products. One of its innovations has been the control of the plague of birds after installing kestrel nests in the vineyards area.

Easy access. Masks are obligatory, especially with shared transport. The end is estimated to be at 13.30. There is a return bus service. The price is 10 euros per person (including tasting and bus).