Saturday 6 February, kitchen gardens without pests and fertile soil biology

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The second day of the Seminars on Agriculture and the Environment will take place on Saturday 6 February. There will be two talks on the ecological management of kitchen gardens for the control of pests and for understanding soil microbiology in order to maximise the period of plant production. Subscriptions are now open and can be made as explained at the end of this notice.

Last week was the first virtual edition of the Seminars, 14 earlier ones having been completed face to face. This new formula was a success with 40 people connected following two presentations that provoked many questions at the end of each.

Next Saturday morning there will be another two new presentations. In the first place, Enric Navarro will bring his experience in the Agroecological Park of Empordà, a farm with 5 hectares of kitchen gardens and fruit trees managed ecologically and that is also signed up to a Land Stewardship Scheme with IAEDEN (Institució Alt Empordanesa per la Defensa y Estudi de la Natura). He will explain what have been the keys to success for them in avoiding pests, their resistance to the north wind and the role of crop diversity, not only for crop resistance but for their production at a commercial level.

Then, Jaume Vadell, of the University of the Balearic Islands, will give us a little master class on the soil and the microfauna that inhabits it. The aim is to understand the dynamics generated by them and take advantage in cultivation, helping to obtain the best productivity.

GOB did consider cancelling this edition of the seminars owing to the limitations caused because of the pandemic but finally decided that a time for reflection on the farming world was so important that it should not be missed. The experience from the first session, with many interested people and a high level of participation in previous debates, encouraged us to look again for good results of a second day.

Interested people that have not yet subscribed for the second day can do this by telephoning 971 35 07 62 or by writing to or by visiting the office in Camí des Castell 53 in Mahon (Mondays to Friday 9 am to 2 pm). The virtual session will be by Zoom. If you do not know how to work Zoom you may ask at the GOB office.

This initiative is possible with the collaboration of the Consell Insular de Menorca and the Mava Foundation.