Sant Joan de Binissaida joins the Land Stewardship Scheme

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The Sant Joan farm is committed to increasing the production of artisanal olive oil, incorporating other productive trees and making a self-sufficient kitchen garden. It will also manage some tourist accommodation and has recently signed the agreement for the Land Stewardship Scheme with GOB.

This farm is situated on the south east of the island. It is making a commitment for enlarging the area of olive trees and managing it with criteria for maximum environmental compatibility, an approach shared by other farms that are part of the network of the Land Stewardship Scheme.

So the criterion of maximum time with vegetation cover is being applied, that gives more protection against extreme temperatures, at the same time attracting some wild plants to grow that help lower the incidence of pests, such as the olive fly.

The farm has benefited from the collective purchase of productive trees that GOB has coordinated with farms of the Land Stewardship Scheme and has been able to include a series of fig trees of different varieties.

The site has a significant production of solar energy and is equipped with a natural purification system for domestic water using aquatic plants that capture the nutrients and negate smells and mosquitos.