Serious errors in the redistribution of building plots for the Son Bou Hotels

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GOB has found grave errors in the dividing and regrouping of building plots aimed at making the large hotels of Son Bou legal.The urban development plan, for which the Alaior Town Hall gave a licence, proposes converting land on green areas into building plots something totally contrary to law.

The Balearic Law of Urban Planning says that the relevant municipal body should revise the planning licences and execution orders whose contents manifestly constitute or enable some of the serious, or very serious, urban infractions as typified by the law. Precisely, the article typifies as a very serious infraction, executing, realising or developing activities on plots affecting free spaces and other reserve areas.

As will be remembered, GOB made an official complaint that the hotels had never complied with the conditions imposed by the licence that allowed the construction in the seventies. When, last year, the promotors presented the project for dividing and regrouping of adjacent plots, GOB asked to be able to consult the files but that was denied by the Town Council. A case of unprecedented lack of transparency.

As the main argument for the Town Council not letting the documentation be seen had been that it was an unfinished case, GOB returned to ask to consult it once it was known that the Town Council had granted a licence.  A few weeks ago access to these documents was granted.

From the consultation that has now been made, it has verified that they have not respected the green areas or the free spaces for the use of the public that are shown on the definitive cartography of the municipal general map, the Official Map of Son Bou and on the Map of the Territory.

There are very substantial differences that result in the loss of green area plots which have been incorporated into the hotel building plots. This is a very serious mistake, both technical and political, so that now a formal request has been made that it be revised on the understanding that the licence is invalid.

The two architectural edifices of Son Bou that have been a symbol of the urban errors of the seventies are once again an unpopular issue.