Sunday 23 October: come and walk in support of good water management

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The problem of the depletion of the aquifers and the abuse of water management will be the central theme for the next excursion of the programme in the cycle of “La Menorca in-SOS-tenible”. (Unsustainable Menorca.)

This occasion will be about, especially, the great cost of well water that is being used to water gardens with lawns. This type of gardening, so little adapted to the Menorcan reality, means there is an enormous water consumption in urbanizations during the whole of the summer.

The walk will be about the great squandering of an ever-decreasing resource, that means that each person living in these areas daily costs between five and seven time more than someone living in the traditional urban centre.

To create greater awareness of this reality and ways of solving it, the excursion has been organised along the Sant Lluís coast combining country and urban areas. Detailed information will be given to those people on the excursion and a manifesto will be read out explaining the problems and proposals for action.

As the value of water is increasingly appreciated, Menorca must take more and more steps to ensure proper rational management.

The excursion will leave the car park that is near the Playa de Binisafuller at 10.00 on Sunday 23. The walk will be about 5 kms of minimal difficulty. It is estimated to end at 13.30.

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