Series of talks on the Reserve of the Biosphere

Short Summary for last week

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Here is a little summary for last week’s news: Pledges to end one use plastics by 2020, Round Table Talks on the Reserve of the Biosphere, Workshop at Es Viver, GOB’s garden centre.

Pledges to end one use plastics by 2020

GOB started, in the summer, a programme to end the unnecessary use of plastics which contaminate the sea. As well as organising days for cleaning up the coastline they are working to reduce the consumption of one use plastics.

The neighbours of s’Enclusa, known as Cas Vesins have signed the pledge to end one use table ware and organise their fiestas with reusable and biodegradable materials only as part of the attempt to eliminate non reusable plastics from the Island by 2020.

GOB gave out 30,000 paper bags on Friday 2 November in the Mercat del Claustre in Mahon to vendors of vegetables. The bags were given with the support of the Foundation for the Preservation of Menorca, the Marilles Foundation, the Sunseeker Company and the Blue Sea Foundation with the motif “The bag and life. For a sea without plastic”. The Mahon Council is adding help and expects to make more paper bags available for February 2019.

Round Table Talks on the Reserve of the Biosphere

A series of talks on the Reserve of the Biosphere started at the Ateneu de Maó on Thursday 8 November. Others will be on 15, 22 and 29 November at 20.00 hours and are organised by GOB with the help of the Foundation of the Preservation of Menorca. It is 25 years since Menorca was declared a Reserve of the Biosphere and the series is to see what it means to the different sectors and how they view the way it has affected them and the implications for its future. They will cover the relationship between agriculture and the environment, the cultural and historical heritage and the economy. The talks are thrown open for public debate. (For more details see the main GOB Menorca website.

Es Viver, GOB’s garden centre

On Saturday 10 November, Es Viver gave a practical workshop on how to improve and maintain the health of the earth in an ecological garden. Its good health is at the base of any cultivation in order to grow abundant and healthy products. Bad management of the land can mean the loss of fertility and increase of diseases and degradation of the earth.

Es Viver is open to the public for buying ecological, autochthonous plants and for advice, on Friday and Saturday mornings from 10 am to 1.30 pm. It is near Mestral on the airport road.