Sign up for a workshop to help injured marine animals

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A workshop (free) is being offered this week to show the best practices for liberating, including reanimating, birds and marine turtles tangled in fishing gear.

Anyone may find a marine turtle stuck in fishing cords and lines, or some bird caught up with hooks. In such cases it is important to know what to do and, sometimes even more important, what should not be done. A good performance can make the difference between the animal living or not.

The workshop will be given by Mariluz Parga, a vet specialising in marine birds and turtles, a partner of SUBMON, member of the SSC (Species Survival Commission) Wildlife Health Specialist Group of the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) and veterinary advisor for the programme for the reduction of accidental capture of turtles by fishing lines.

There will be two sessions, one in the Cercle Artístic in Ciutadella on Wednesday 29 September at 17.30 and the other in the Museum of Menorca in Mahon on Thursday 30 September at 17.00 hours. For capacity reasons it is necessary to sign up by ringing 971 35 97 62 or by email and give your name, surname and contact telephone number and specify which workshop you wish to attend (Ciutadella or Mahon).

This activity is a GOB initiative with the help of the Leader Association of Menorca and the Marilles Foundation. We would also like to thank the support of the Cercle Artístic of Ciutadella and the Museum of Menorca.