Sunday 3 November, walk to Cala Morell

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A new talayot excursion has been organised for Sunday 3 November to Cala Morell. Its itinerary is by way of a very beautiful landscape. Its purpose is to visit a coastal settlement which is currently being excavated and continues to give new information.

This town was populated between 1,400 to 1,000 BC. It is fortified by a wall and seems to show a time in which the people were fearful especially of possible invasion from inland. Two adjoining navetas became the accommodation for these people, and they provide a lot of relevant information on their food and the type of life they led.

Booking is not required but people should go direct to the meeting place for 9.30 am. This is the first car park for La Valle beaches. We will leave at 10 am. The walk is medium-easy (the Cami de Cavalls slopes gently). The site will be visited with an archaeologist guide. There will be a return bus (3 euros) and the end is estimated to be at 13.30 h.

Sharing transport with friends is recommended so as to reduce emissions.

The cycle “Are we Talayotic? Life in Menorca then and now” is a programme organised jointly by the Department of Culture of the Consell Insular with GOB.