Thursday 12 August: family workshop in the animal hospital

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This Thursday, 12 August, we are continuing with family activities in the hospital for wild animals. From 18.30, there will be a workshop to entertain the whole family, interacting with the animals that can be seen in the Centre for Recuperation of wild animals. The theme this week will revolve around the migration voyages made by birds. If you bring a Tshirt, you may be inspired by these birds to paint something on it. Remember that you can visit the Centre from Mondays to Saturdays from 18.00 hours.

Many of these animals make long voyages looking for the best place climatically for their food and to find breeding grounds. At the Centre it is possible to see different examples of animals that migrate and others that do not, and to be able to learn about the special peculiarities of some of the Menorcan species.

The animal hospital is an optional part of the visit to the Lithica Quarry ( The entrance includes the visit to the whole quarry as well as a guided visit to the Recuperation Centre. Entrance prices are free to under 12 year olds, 3 euros for people over 65 and everyone else 6 euros. Access to the Lithica Quarry and the Recuperation Centre is on the Camino Viejo de Ciutadella, km1.

Your visit will help us to be able to improve our work and we look forward to seeing you.