Thursday 17 June discussion on today and tomorrow in the agricultural world

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The difficulties of the milk subsector; the obstacle of amitgeria (the traditional Menorcan deal between landlords and farmers); the costs and the time that the farmers need to invest in the bureaucracy; the opportunities of new markets; the effects of the arrival of new investors; the strategies for improving the cost effectiveness of agriculture; and other interesting aspects, will be discussed this Thursday at an event organized by GOB.

The event will start with the projection of a short film in which various farmers who have subscribed to the Land Stewardship Scheme comment on their impressions regarding the problems that affect the Island’s farming sector. To continue, a discussion will be opened for participation by everyone, to analyse in depth the challenges and potential solutions.

This is an opportunity to listen to the people who work in the country and analyse the solutions that can be found in a sector that manages a large part of the territory of Menorca.

It will be at 19h at the Ateneu de Maó. No previous booking is required. Masks will be obligatory.