Tuesday 16 August: workshop at the Centre for Recuperation of Wild Animals: so many beaks, so many meals

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We are having a family workshop this evening at 18.30 when with games and activities we will learn why birds have such a great diversity of beaks:  short, long, fine, stocky, sharp, straight …

The beak is a bird’s principal tool. They do not have hands. Everything has to be done just with their claws and beaks. Their beaks are specialised depending on the feeding methods of each species, and other strategies (digging, nest building, drilling into wood…). There are beaks like harpoons or daggers to break up fish, others are fine like tweezers to catch small insects, others are very large and strong to break up bones, and a very large etcetera. We discover, through play, the types of beaks found on Menorca’s bird species and how they are used.

Remember you can visit the Centre for Recuperation of Wild Animals from Monday to Saturday from 18.00 h.

The Centre for Recuperation of Wild Animals is within the Lithica Quarries. To visit us you will need to buy a ticket at the entrance of Lithica (7 euros, 4 euros for residents, children under 13 are free). Once inside go towards the Centre where we will ask for a supplement of 2 euros.

The entrance to Lithica is on the Camí Vell de Ciutadella, Km 1.

Your visit helps us to improve our work. We look forward to seeing you.