Many cattle grids act s traps into which hedgehogs fall

Vote for hedgehogs in the participatory budgets

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Voting has been opened for the participatory budgets of the Consell Insular (Island government). GOB has proposed the project “Freedom for hedgehogs” and we ask for your vote.

Many cattle grids, made to permanently control cattle, act as traps into which hedgehogs, tortoises and other animals fall and end up dying of starvation because they cannot get out.

With the project we have presented it would be possible to enable some 20 cattle grids, found connected to public roads, to end this problem by fitting some exit ramps.

The budgets have other projects with environmental aspects. Each person on the electoral roll in Menorca is able to vote for three island projects and three municipal projects. The voting will decide the destiny of a million euros. So it is worthwhile to give an opinion.

Voting is very easy. You can just click here

Think of the hedgehogs. Many thanks.