Wednesday 4 May, talk on the Land Stewardship Scheme at the Ateneu

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This Wednesday, 4 May, there is an opportunity to understand the Land Stewardship Scheme programme, what the objectives are, what methods it applies and how it is evolving.

The crisis in the farming sector has redeeming factors if it changes in some ways. It is a good opportunity to make agricultural management compatible with environmental conservation. This is one of the important challenges for Menorca, which has known how to preserve rural land from urbanization.

This is also a necessity throughout much of the world, where intensive farming seen during the last decades has caused such large environmental problems.

Experiences from the Land Stewardship Scheme in Menorca show how farming and the environment can be mutually helpful, how good agricultural management helps biodiversity and how having a good environmental state significantly helps farmers.

On Wednesday, these and other matters raised during the talk will be discussed. It will be at 20.00 h at the Ateneu in Mahon. Also on streaming on the Ateneu Youtube.