Workshop at the Recuperation Centre for Wildlife: Animal Colours

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There is a new workshop for all the family at the Recuperation Centre for Wildlife this Tuesday 12 July at 18.30

Think about the colours of animals: some tones are very flashy while others serve for concealment. What role does the appearance of animals play in their lives and survival? We can find out through games.

Remember that you can visit the Recuperation Centre from Mondays to Saturdays from 6 pm until sunset.

The Centre is located in the Lithica Quarries. To visit, you first buy an entry ticket for Lithica (4 euros for residents. Children of 13 and under go free.) Once you have entered the Recuperation Centre we ask for a supplement of 2 euros per person except children under 13.

Children under 13 have free admission. It is recommended to buy the Lithica entry on line though you can also buy tickets there. The entrance to the Lithica quarries is from the Camino Viejo, Ciutadella KM1.

Your visit helps us improve our work. We look forward to seeing you!