The twin hotels at Son Bou

Add your signature to a letter to the Meliá Hotels to reduce their impact on Son Bou

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As we mentioned in the last post, there is a project to refurbish the two hotels in Son Bou maintaining their height of 12 floors each.

We have started a campaign to ask Melia Hotels to reconsider the project. You may sign a letter to Meliá Hotels International SA, Department of Corporate Management to request it:

I am writing to you concerning the projected alterations to the Milanos-Pingüinos Hotels at Son Bou, on the island of Minorca. This hotel, owned by your company, consists of two blocks of 12 floors on the front line of the sea. These buildings were constructed in 1973 when there were no regulations protecting the environment nor was there a democratic government.

45 years later, Meliá Hotels International SA have presented a project to keep these enormous buildings in situ although they seriously affect the landscape of this beach on an island declared a Reserve of the Biosphere. I consider that this initiative profoundly contradicts the principles of the environmental commitments made by your company on its website. You claim to promise to reduce the impact of your activities and contribute to preserving the biological diversity of tourist destinations by combining landscaping with respect for the flora and fauna.

There are no buildings in Menorca similar to your hotels that cause such a serious impact on the countryside and which could now remain standing for another few decades. You assure us that you do what you say. If that is so, I ask that your company takes an interest in the project which is being processed in Minorca, reconsider it and intervene to reduce significantly the grave impact that these hotels have had on the area since they were built. The accommodation has been more than amortized. These buildings are an absolute affront to land of such high natural value. I beg you to submit a project aligned with the 21st century but which is in sympathy with an area declared a Reserve of the Biosphere and that does not flagrantly contradict the principles proclaimed by the company.

Trusting in your cooperation,

Yours faithfully

You can sign this letter here.

Many thanks for your collaboration!

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