Agreement with Menorca Preservation Fund

An agreement with the Menorca Preservation Fund

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The Menorca Preservation Fund has agreed to help a series of initiatives that GOB is promoting for adapting farming activities to climate change.

Specifically, it will help to make the exploitation of rain water feasible at five farms which are part of a network that have signed up to the Land Stewardship Scheme with GOB.

The activities consist in installing drainpipes for collecting rain water from roofs of houses and large barns as well as making water cisterns available for livestock and wild animals.

It is estimated that by doing this it will be possible to take advantage of a possible annual 800 cubic meters of rain water without having to extract it from the aquifer. At the same time, it will create new and safe watering places for wild animals.

As well as the environmental benefits, this sort of measure helps the farming sector to increase the use of its available resources, recover some of its ethnological heritage, as well as improving its adaptation to climate change.