Become a GOB member and come to the Summer Concert

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This summer live concerts return to Menorca. An important date is the Aglaia Festival which will take place on 27 May in the Akelarre rooms, promoted by a special poster. If you become a member of GOB introduced by an existing member and come together you will both have free entry. Places are limited.

Anna Szostak will sing jazz and blues accompanied by Manuel Álvarez on the double bass. Sandra Sangiao (Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra) and Annabel Villalonga (S’Albaida, Llunes Brunes…) will add their voices and guitar with the Lua repertory. Neus Ferri (Melindi, La voz) will present new works of Llar.

The Aglaia Festival is dedicated to female talent and wants to pay homage to the Island of Menorca and its conservation efforts. This is why a row has been reserved for people who are already members and have introduced a new one. It is a good opportunity for members to take part and to help enlarge the membership of an association that works hard for Menorca to maintain its ideology of sustainability.

It is sufficient to sign the form for membership indicating in the appropriate space, which member has recommended you.

Changing environmental dynamics is not easy. We need as much help and support as possible. Having a strong social base guarantees operational independence and ensures that we have to be taken into account for the Island’s most important decision-making. Menorca has managed to preserve a large part of its charms but there is still a lot of work to be done.

In any case, do not miss the concert of 27 May at 21.00 hours. The programme of artists promises a spectacular evening. A very special event to close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by this experience of sounds and talent. Find someone to become a member and you will both have free entry to the festival.

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