Training to become a volunteer to look after orphaned chicks

The Centre for the Recuperation of Wild Animals requires help to look after the enormous quantity of chicks that are brought to us at this time of year. We are looking for volunteers able to care for these animals. For this reason, we have organised training in Ciutadella on Thursday 19 May (there was one in Mahon on Tuesday 17) for anyone interested and able to help us.

Spring is the nesting season for birds. It is normal that chicks as they are becoming older leave the nest but sometimes without being able to fly nor feed themselves. When this occurs in the natural environment, the parents continue feeding and looking after the chicks. Therefore, we should never pick up a chick because we cannot be sure that the parents are not looking after it. It is different in towns. The chicks leaving the nests are often in danger to be run over or captured by domestic animals. In this case, we can assess whether or not it is better to pick them up for their survival.

One of the main causes for admission to the Centre of Recuperation of wild animals is chicks of species that breed in our towns and that have ended up on the streets or patios with domestic animals. These are swifts, sparrows, owls and other species that cohabit with us. The attention that these chicks need takes a lot of work, which is why we need the important help of volunteers who adopt some of these animals and raise them in their home until they are ready to be set free. To undertake this job, training is needed and the Centre’s team supervises the work of the volunteers at all times.

On Thursday 18 May in Ciutadella we will have a training session to explain to everyone interested what the work is like, with the aim of recruiting more volunteers. It will take place in our premises at 38 Cami de Maó at 19.00 hours.