Economic crisis: eco-social way out

Economic crisis: eco-social way out

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A group of people in Menorca has gathered around the Menorca Platform for Climate Change to make a public request that the new economic crisis be tackled with ecological and social considerations.

Enormous and urgent problems, such as climate change, have been eclipsed in order to concentrate on the health emergency of COVID-19. Now we know that a huge economic recovery must begin making major effects on the labour conditions of many people who require solutions that must take into account our particular environment. An economy is required that functions both to serve and improve our society.

For these reasons, a manifesto has been agreed. It is hoped that you will distribute it to all your contacts so that it is seen by everyone who is worried by finding economic solutions that are not determined just by this year’s emergency, but by the forecast needs of the future.

This call is made because we would like everyone to have the option of expressing their opinion, and of joining forces with others to make it known that a large part of society is asking that environmental and social considerations should always be present in economic decision making.

Please read the Manifesto and distribute it widely.

With many thanks.