Plastic glove in Mahon harbour

Plastic gloves and the wind

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The availability of a wind proof container that stops plastic gloves from flying around uncontrolled should be a basic requirement in whatever establishment expects its clients to wear them. These abandoned gloves are already entering the sea around Menorca. We live on an island where wind is not a rarity.

Implementing methods of hygiene control is obliging us, both consumers and merchants, to incorporate new habits. The obligation for prevention tactics in the transmission of the virus, however, does not translate into allowing an increase in other known problems. This is, sadly, precisely what is happening with plastic material, used and thrown away, on a massive scale in this time of the pandemic.

As long as the authorities are unable to recommend reusable or biodegradable materials, it is necessary to establish strict control for the use of gloves and masks to avoid their appearance in nature. Many can be seen thrown into the streets and some appear in the countryside and the sea. Avoiding this problem is neither difficult nor expensive, but must be undertaken immediately.

GOB has made an appeal that all establishments provide a receptacle where gloves that cannot be used again can be deposited and from which they cannot fly away when it is windy. Any enclosed container with a controllable opening should work or they can be made specially. The gloves should be deposited without the container being touched.

We urge business managers to incorporate similar systems and encourage consumers to help by using them properly or to ask where they can leave the gloves securely if they cannot find suitable containers.

Observing health recommendations is an important responsibility. Stopping the uncontrolled use of plastics from getting into the countryside and the sea is equally important.