"Glossat" at Molí del Rei's terrace

“Glosat” on the roof terrace of the Molí del Rei, Wednesday 19 July

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The masters of “glosat” (improvised poetic dialogues, often with an ironical meaning, typical from Menorca) will sing on Wednesday 19 July on the roof terrace of the Molí del Rei (Camí des Castell, 53 in Mahon).

The reason for this event is part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of GOB in Menorca.

Juanjo Orfila, Miquel Truyol and Moisès Coll, accompanied on the guitar by Pele, will be starring in the “glosat” on the terrace.

During the act, there will be a tasting of products from the network of agricultural farms in Menorca that have an agreement signed up with GOB for the Land Stewardship scheme.